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Bag Pattern Review for Charmed-Liebling

Bag Pattern Review

Charmed Liebling Bag Pattern review

Recently I have taken part in bag pattern testing for Anna over at Charmed Liebling , making this laptop bag.

A bit of a challenge to work off a comprehensive pattern, but I am very delighted with the result! Admittedly I didn’t follow all the steps in the right order, and failed to source a twist lock in the time framework (OK I admit it I left it too late to order one on the internet and the local shops didn’t have one in!!!)

Bag Pattern Review

I found the instructions well written, and clear to follow. Having never used a PDF pattern before I particularly appreciated the 2.5cm square to check the pattern is printed to the correct size – mine wasn’t the first time so your hints about how to set the printer sorted it out.


I usually avoid piping but was encouraged by Anna to give it a go. I think she is right, it finishes the bag professionally and is well worth the effort.  I used my zipper foot, although if I was to sew piping regularly I would definitely invest in a piping foot). The pattern included clear instructions how to sew the piping with a pattern foot.

Bag Pockets

The bag has four pockets, including a zip closing pocket ( I am getting over my fear of zips!).

Bag Pattern review

Laptop Messenger Bag

If you decide to make your own bag here are some helpful tips for sewing through thick layers of fabric; select the right size sharp needle, use a larger stitch setting and sew slowly. This will help your machine cope. Sadly my machine was unable to cope with sewing the final top layer of stitching the lining and the bag.

I enjoyed the opportunity, I found myself stretched and learnt quite a bit making the bag:)

If you fancy making one yourself the pattern is available from her Etsy shop, and to see it made in a variety of fabrics check out here. I love this because a design can be completely transformed with different fabrics.

As usual I am popping over to handmade harbour to see what other people have been up to this week:) This is blog number three in a row – I’m aiming for seven days in a row to celebrate having my own domain name… can I make it?! Why not pop by and see:)


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Sewing Studio Ideas


I don’t know about you but I fight(ignore) a constant battle re the volume of “stuff” in my sewing space.

A few months back my husband hit upon the idea of fitting kitchen units for storing all my fabric in, sadly I fail to keep my stash down enough to be able to successfully put it away and shut the doors! The long length of kitchen work top is fab for laying out patterns, and bags in process, however I fail to tick to one project at a tiem so it becomes cluttered.

Sewing studio

Here are a few snapshots with some sewing studio ideas for storage (of course I would never move stuff around in order to take the pictures!!). I am fortunate to have lots of light, overlooking the garden.


I currently store my threads in a former fishing tackle box, but would love to have an old printing press tray mounted on the walls filled:)


Rather like Katherines🙂

Button storage

Jam jar button storage

Store my buttons, colour coded in glass jars

Sewing basket

Sewing basket

Generally I am not sentimental however this room hold memories,; this basket was woven, and lined by my Gran, and the flowers made by my then four year old.

Storage tins, sewing studio ideas

Storage Tins

The tin boxes were also my Grans, and contain yet more buttons (again Grans). My gran passed away when I was 18, I remember her with great affection and as a kindred spirit, she was very influential  encouraging my creativity,

The room of course holds various upcycled elements, I particularly like the record book end, denim basket, glass jar pin cushion and the gorgeous tin boxes.

How do you organise your work space, I am particularly interested in ideas for reducing quantities of fabric?!


PS Have you noticed I have successfully moved to, thanks to the great people at for their support in moving my subscribers across.

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Creating a custom bag


What is your favourite part of designing something new?

Wheelchair bags

Custom Wheelchair Bag

I love the problem solving aspect to a new creation.  This week I have made a bag for a wheelchair user, who lives in a care home – the brief was to hold a packet of tissues, a comb and a lipstick. My first ever wheelchair bag:)

I took a while pondering the design, mulling it over. Basically I was not satisfied with the idea of a box of tissues at the bottom of a bag, just not very accessible for someone with limitations.

Wheelchair handbag

Finally the light bulb moment came – velcro straps on a tissue box fabric cover, with a side pocket for comb and lipstick. Lets just hope it works!


The  logical approach would be to buy a box of tissues, as the reference point for size of bag. Alternatively one can always refer to you tube, and then face the consequences when it dawns on you the you tube video refers to a standard tissue box for a different country!

Without measurement for a wheelchair arm, to height of the top of the wheel it is guess work, but I am delighted with the result:) Lets hope it works for Joan:)

When I started this creative journey it did not cross my mind that there would be some maths, analyzing, logical thinking involved as I gained confidence and started creating & adapting patterns. I enjoy it:) Whats you favourite part of making and creating?

As usual I am popping over to Handmade Harbour to check out what other people have been making:) Have a good week:)


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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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