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refashioned tshirt into new top

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refashioned t shirt topRemember the three tshirts transformed into two baby dresses from last week? Before I chopped up the tshirts I had a thought about creating myself a top too.

I started by comparing the navy long-sleeved top with a knit top which fits me well. I used this as a rough pattern. The idea to utilize the upper part of the top plus sleeves, saving the bottom part of the tshirt for the dresses.

T Shirt refashion

It was clear I needed to refit the sleeves as the shoulders were just too big.

Chopping up the top

I laid out my pattern pieces, feeling quite excited about how the top was coming together.

pattern pieces laid out

The knit fabric was kindly given to me – I love the pattern.

Knit top in progress

But as I sewed it up I was a little disappointed with how the top hung. So I moved the seam between the two fabrics higher and shortened the overall length of the top.

refashioned tshirt with knit fabric

The end result? To be honest it feels like a maternity top (and I have no need for one of those!!).

refashioned top

I’m not sure if it is the hang of the knit fabric? whether it is too full? The overall make?  Any suggestions gratefully received – I love how I continue to learn as I sew:)





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