Learn Something New – Machine Embroidery and Papier Mache

Learn Something New – Machine Embroidery and Papier Mache

This month I have been drawn to having a go at endeavouring to replicate this image, spotted over on Pinterest

Machine embroidered leaves

Image Source Pinterest

Frustratingly, as hard as I tried, I was unable to find the source of the image.

 Papier Mache and Machine Embroidery

To start with I decided to use flour glue and created 3 layers of scraps of newspaper, topped with dressmaking tissue patterns – I enjoyed the texture of the flour glue, I guess it brought back happy creative moments from my childhood:)!!

Papier Mache

The number of layers is purely guesswork – I wanted to create a strong enough base for the sewing machine but not too think that the sewing machine would object. As  the pieces began to dry out they began to curl so I placed them underneath a heavy book to encourage them to dry flat.

Layers of papier mache

To create the leaves I found a selection of scraps of fabrics, cut them up small and ironed onto a base fabric using bondaweb as a fabric glue.

Fabric Scraps

Next I cut out shapes from my newly formed fabric and ironed onto the papier mache base.

Fabric collage

The final step, to machine embroider with a multi-coloured thread the final design.

Applique Flower Design

Due to the shapes I stitched I was able to keep the dog teeth up on the machine – no need to get the instruction manual out to see how to go free style:)

I happened to have some Maderia thread left from art college days, which I had ear marked for parting with – I can testify that the twenty year old thread has stood the test of time!!

Papier Mache Embroidered Flowers


I hope you have had an equally fun creative week:)


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