and the meaning of Christmas is?

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I don’t know about you but I find it very easy to lose the focus on what Christmas is really about in the run up, amidst all the business….

I have little traditions which I am finding hard to live up to:

  • home-made Christmas cards
  • ┬áhome-made gifts – chutney, jams and biscotti made with our own hazelnut tend to feature each year!
  • home-made children’s gifts
  • home-made decorations

As I write this list I find I have achieved most of it, but it has all been at the last minute. I have yet to add the silver napkin tied with ribbon cover to jars of produce for my Tuesday fellowship friends for this evening!

I feel I have received the best gifts already from my husband. The whole family attended my former Church’s alternative Christmas Service with Christmas lunch, my favourite service of the year. I have been asked to babysit by a friend… if I am honest this left me feeling reluctant purely from a late night perspective. My husband who has been known to say he does not do babysitting for anyone offered to do it for me. His thoughtfulness, demonstrating his love for me is the best gift.

This leaves me with the thoughts about how can I demonstrate my love for friends and family. Quality time is far more important than whether I have made a gift after all!!

As I babysit tomorrow with a joyful heart, giving friends a night out together I will be contemplating how I can demonstrate my love for my father-in-law (first Christmas without his wife) and my mother (her first Christmas without her Dad).

As I continue thinking I thought I would share some photo’s of yesterdays great find in a charity shop, which just called to be upcycled straight away into a gorgeous recycled bag with matching make up bag and I Phone holder…


the before …


and the after… images of I Phone cover and make up bag to follow (once I have had chance to photograph in daylight!).


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