Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover – Tutorial

Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover – Tutorial

Jumper cushion cover

Not sure what the weather is like with you but it is rather cold and snowy here. The perfect time to set too and make the woolly jumper cushion cover then!


The previous cushion cover had seen better days!!


I am using this jumper I gained from a local clothes swish:) It is acrylic and will easily unravel once cut.

Recycled Cushion Cover

Start by separating the front from the back. Cut the front cushion cover, using the old cover as a template. Machine stitch zigzag around the edges to stop the knitting from unravelling.



Next step is to create the back. For ease use an envelope style back. Therefore you need two pieces of material with a big overlap to create the same size as the front panel.

Stitch two lines across the middle of the back of the jumper to cut between. This is just a precaution due to the potential unravelling. I marked this line with a ruler first to ensure it was parallel with the jumper hem.


Zigzagged the hems, and turned under the hem..


Place all the pieces together, right side together.


Using the trusty old template as a guide tack all the layers together. Finally sew all round to create the envelope cover.


As a finishing touch I decided to add a button 🙂 As a precaution I sewed two straight lines along edge of button-hole, before sewing the button-hole with embroidery thread.


The finished cushion, the back as good as the front.

Cushion Cover tutorial

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National Hobby Month, what will you be taking up?


I must admit I had never heard of National Hobby Month until I spotted a tweet from The Sewing Room, and an article on their website

Personally I would be very interested to know how many people start a successful business initiated from a hobby.

What are you thinking of taking up? I would love to learn crochet, but as you can see from this image my efforts at using up some cotton yarn to make a dishcloth I have a learning curve ahead!

Crochet Dishcloth

I am hopeful that the Erika Knight “Crochet Workshop” book will help, although I suspect I may succumb to the odd You Tube video to assist!

I am aiming at producing crocheted flowers I can add as a feature to my recycled bags. Attached with a pin so they can be used as a brooch, rather like this one.

Courtsey of MollieMakes

Courtsey of MollieMakes

I particularly like this bag, thanks Pinterest:)

courtesy of

courtesy of

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Recycled eco bags… my journey so far


2012 has been quite a year, my creativity was resparked with a Christmas gift from my husband…”the perfect handmade bag” by Clare Youngs.

I was inspired to set to and make some of the bags from the book, which I greatly enjoyed.

Prompted on by a friend setting up a Facebook Page and attending craft fairs I realised that I would always regret it if I didn’t take the plunge. Vicky Myers Creations was born, to try to make a small business out of handmade items. My aim is simple, to have a purpose behind my creativity, and to self finance this creativity.

Norwich Makers Market was my first sale, back in July, followed by two further sales in the run up to Christmas….


These three fairs have taught me:
• to book fairs which happen just after people have been paid in a mont,h rather than just before!!
• display is key,
• to book suitable fairs with good footfall
• I prefer making to selling!

Plus I have bags for sale at two local shops, The Greenhouse and The Craft Room in Norwich.

Online I have set up an Etsy shop, a twitter account, blog and Facebook page, joined Pinterest and StumbleUpon, plus submitted the blog to NetMums and Craft Blog Uk. I have written a bag tutorial submitted to Craftori.

Yet online sales elude me.. I appreciate tags and excellent photographs assist, both of which I am sure I could improve on. To be fair I have put no money into marketing, or invested in a professional website.

So where next?? perhaps some form of business plan would be a good idea! I have sold 28 bags, including 4 commissions but feel as though I have not yet reached the desired market. This conclusion is based on only selling 5 bags to people I don’t personally know.

• Register with the tax office and learn what I can claim for and can’t (ie working from home, mobile phone etc..)

• Explore WEETU, and free courses for women setting up businesses.

• Apply to Not on the High Street, but first I wish to finish 3 jacket bags, 3 shirt drawstring bags, and load these along with children’s bucket bags to Etsy (in order to have a wider range of goods to show).

• Explore the environmental angle of my bags, and venues/events linked with this.

• For the autumn have a professional e-mail with images of bags ready to send out to potential retailers stocking new items for Christmas.

• Save for professional photo shoot? professional website? Bag stands for sales at events?

Any tips welcome, all suggestions gratefully received:)

I appreciate all the support I have had from my husband and family and friends over the year, without them I would not have got this far! Thank you 🙂

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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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