and the meaning of Christmas is?


I don’t know about you but I find it very easy to lose the focus on what Christmas is really about in the run up, amidst all the business….

I have little traditions which I am finding hard to live up to:

  • home-made Christmas cards
  •  home-made gifts – chutney, jams and biscotti made with our own hazelnut tend to feature each year!
  • home-made children’s gifts
  • home-made decorations

As I write this list I find I have achieved most of it, but it has all been at the last minute. I have yet to add the silver napkin tied with ribbon cover to jars of produce for my Tuesday fellowship friends for this evening!

I feel I have received the best gifts already from my husband. The whole family attended my former Church’s alternative Christmas Service with Christmas lunch, my favourite service of the year. I have been asked to babysit by a friend… if I am honest this left me feeling reluctant purely from a late night perspective. My husband who has been known to say he does not do babysitting for anyone offered to do it for me. His thoughtfulness, demonstrating his love for me is the best gift.

This leaves me with the thoughts about how can I demonstrate my love for friends and family. Quality time is far more important than whether I have made a gift after all!!

As I babysit tomorrow with a joyful heart, giving friends a night out together I will be contemplating how I can demonstrate my love for my father-in-law (first Christmas without his wife) and my mother (her first Christmas without her Dad).

As I continue thinking I thought I would share some photo’s of yesterdays great find in a charity shop, which just called to be upcycled straight away into a gorgeous recycled bag with matching make up bag and I Phone holder…


the before …


and the after… images of I Phone cover and make up bag to follow (once I have had chance to photograph in daylight!).

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Homemade Christmas Presents


Time is rapidly running out for making homemade Christmas presents.


My original christmas card design was pressed bracken trees on handmade paper. However I quickly became covered in sticky adhesive spray, and found the bracken difficult to stick down (as you can see!). So instead I have gone for an old christian music score folded into a tree shape.


Traditionally I make Chutneys and Jams… sadly this years Apple & Blackberry Jam has gone mouldy although the chutney looks good…


For the teachers I am thinking of a potted plant, the pot painted in blackboard paint, chalked on “Thanks for helping me grow”, also great for our fantastic childminder….


For the children I would love to be making this playhouse/den, from the book ” The Handmade Home for Children” by Sania Pell. The reality is I think I have missed the moment and the children have grown up … instructions here.

Homemade christmas presents

For the few women I give gifts to I have nearly finished knitting a cowl, in beautiful Rowan Frost yarn, always a treat to knit in quality yarn:)

and a felt jumper recycled bag for my mother,

However that leaves the six men in my life (isn’t that always the case!). My search for upcycled man bags on Pinterest did not strike me with any inspiration. I’m not sure they are going to be into upcycled felted jumper I Pad cases, or cases made out of quality suit trousers. I love this IPAD cover from wool jackets from Etsy…   just don’t have any suits to upcycle!!


So for my Dad I am thinking of twinning his toilet:

and the rest I am just going to ask what they would like… any suggestions of homemade gifts for men much appreciated!

PS I did find a link to 101 DIY gifts for men… there are some great ideas, just not the men in my life

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Yet more homemade decorations….



I can’t help but write another quick blog re Christmas Decoration, which as you can see we have started putting up already.

P1010795The tree decorations were made using cookie cutters as templates… they come out each year. Sadly year by year I seem to loose more snowflakes (layers of paper and hand embroidered).P1010799

This year I have been inspired by to create a Christmas tree on the wall made of stars cut of a magazine, I personally love it:)


A little confession… the pictures are only of my personal style decorations. The rest of the house remains untidy – complete with tree lights strung across doorways for the children and paper glitter snowflakes to be made and hung (nowhere near as tasteful as they sound!). These will compliment those left from last year which remain up on my daughters insistence as they are “so beautiful”

If only we had a clean tidy clutter free house all year!! The felt wreath remains a work in progress.. can’t quite get a nail into the wall for hanging it up!! How are you trimming up, and what compromises are you making?!!

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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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