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How to make a tea towel apron

How to make a tea towel apron

I admit to a little skepticism when my Mum asked me to transform her tea towel into an apron. But I was wrong – the tea towel is a good size, measuring 50 by 81 cm. I think it could be lots of fun to transform a pile of vintage tea towels into aprons – I’m thinking cream teas, crickets grounds and lots of fun aprons. Or quirky tea towels transformed as unique gifts? Just check the size, not all tea towels are the same size!!

Tea Towel ready to be converted into an Apron

In the meantime back to Mums “I Climbed Snowdonia” tea towel. It seemed a fitting project to try and understand the vintage sewing machine my daughter owns – I’m unable to support her to use it unless I can thread the machine. Thanks to You Tube and Mum I solved loading the bobbin and threading the machine.

Singer sewing machine

To transform your tea towel you will need 1.8m of webbing for the straps plus bias binding.

Start by marking out your arm holes. Fold the tea towel in half, cutting out both arm holes at the same time to ensure they mirror. Mark in along the top 11 cm, and down the side 15 cm. Draw an ark then cut out (or use an existing apron as a template).

Cut your straps 56 cm long each. Fold in 1/2cm edge, pin with the folded edge on the inside as shown in the picture. My apron ties are 18cm down from the arm hole.

Attach straps

Cut your neck strap 54cm, fold the raw edge in and pin.

Pin the strap on your apron.

Stitch your straps into place.

Next bias bind the armholes. Pin the bias binding to the front of the tea towel. Stitch.

PIn bias binding to front of apron

Fold over and pin in the ditch, turn over and ensure the pins are in the bias binding.

Fold bias binding over and pin

Stitch in the ditch.

Stitch in the ditch

And that’s it in your done! Its super quick. Apologies to my Mum who has waited far too long for such a simple transformation.

Trasform your tea towel into an apron

If you fancy a slightly more eccentric apron check out my crisp packet apron with full tutorial.






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National Upcycling Day


Yesterday was the second ever #nationalupcyclingday. Lots of fabulous upcycled items were shared on Twitter. Personally I love how the uk has a day to celebrate everything. Upcycled… But what is upcycling?

The dictionary definition is “Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original

Three/four years back when I first started my creative journey and my forage into blogging many of my friends had never heard of upcycling. A few years on the profile has changed, part in thanks to television. Shows such as Fill your House for Free, Great Interior Design Challenge, Money for Nothing, Shed of the Year regularly show case upcycled items and upcyclers.

upcycled clock made by @trongupcycling

What does upcycling mean to me? It means reducing landfill, playing with materials you have to create something different, it means you don’t have to be middle class to be able to afford exploring your creativity, having a go, having fun, respecting our environment by using what we have.

Yesterday I happened to enjoy a rare day out in London with my brother so was able to pop in to the gumtree #upcyclerevolution bus.

#upcycledrevolution upcycling bus

The bus is going on tour as of today with Max McMurdo encouraging you to have a go at upcycling projects (contact @gumtree via twitter to find out the locations and times). On the bus you can see coat hangers into lampshades.

Coat hangers upcycled into light fitting

You can create your own light with a piece of ply board.


Not able to make the tour? Fancy regular inspiration? Join in #upcycledhour chat on Twitter on a Tuesday evening 8-9pm (GMT). This is a friendly community of inspiring upcyclers.

Alternatively why not check out local courses. Learn a new skill and see where the journey takes you:) Don’t be afraid – have a go!!!





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Recycled suit trousers into stylish work bag

Recycled suit trousers into stylish work bag

With the recent introduction of charging for plastic bags my large tote is incredible useful for odd bits of shopping – but it is not very smart for work. In a recent issue of Love Sewing I spotted this rather cute bag from the book Measure Cut Sew by Susan Wasinger.


I decided to sew one up for myself, with the odd amendment. Diving into my stash I discovered a pair of suit trousers, passed on to me due to a hole, plus some black fabric. I also discovered some padded handles I had made in a dark grey. Perfect combination for a new stylish work bag:)

Styish work bag materials

I chose grey zips to highlight the hints of colour running through the trousers.

careful cuttong of the trousers

Careful cutting enabled me to keep one of the trouser pockets.

Suit trousers to create exteral zup pockets on bag

Adding soft and stable to the body of the bag has given it great shape and support. I tacked it into place, which was a great help when when inserting the zip. These two panels created the two external pockets of the bag.

inserting zip into bag

The recycled stylish work bag is lined with a former duvet cover and has two slip pockets, one for my personal and mobile phone, and one for my work tablet.

Inserting the lining

Finally I inserted the lining to the bag, and as per the instructions hand stitched in along the zip. This is a different technique to how I usually add the lining but it is holding up well.

Recycle trouser bag - upcycled some trousers into a stylish work bag

After using the bag for work for the last fortnight I’m really pleased I took the time to upgrade and treat myself to a new bag – I feel smarter!!

Upcycled suit into work bag and tablet case

I feel I have unwittingly create a co-ordinated approach to work as it goes so well with my upcycled jacket tablet case – more information here🙂 Here in the UK its bank holiday Monday – my daughter is keen I upcycle a large adults skirt she spotted a charity shop into a skirt for her. Hope you have a lovely day whatever you are doing,



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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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