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Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover – Tutorial

Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover – Tutorial

Jumper cushion cover

Not sure what the weather is like with you but it is rather cold and snowy here. The perfect time to set too and make the woolly jumper cushion cover then!


The previous cushion cover had seen better days!!


I am using this jumper I gained from a local clothes swish:) It is acrylic and will easily unravel once cut.

Recycled Cushion Cover

Start by separating the front from the back. Cut the front cushion cover, using the old cover as a template. Machine stitch zigzag around the edges to stop the knitting from unravelling.



Next step is to create the back. For ease use an envelope style back. Therefore you need two pieces of material with a big overlap to create the same size as the front panel.

Stitch two lines across the middle of the back of the jumper to cut between. This is just a precaution due to the potential unravelling. I marked this line with a ruler first to ensure it was parallel with the jumper hem.


Zigzagged the hems, and turned under the hem..


Place all the pieces together, right side together.


Using the trusty old template as a guide tack all the layers together. Finally sew all round to create the envelope cover.


As a finishing touch I decided to add a button 🙂 As a precaution I sewed two straight lines along edge of button-hole, before sewing the button-hole with embroidery thread.


The finished cushion, the back as good as the front.

Cushion Cover tutorial

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Homemade Christmas decorations


Thoughts are turning to Christmas… I am loving this advent calendar, and think my daughter would really enjoy helping to make it. I’m considering a visit to a few DIY stores for green wallpaper samples 🙂

Other ideas include a rag fabric wreath, or felt flower wreath, tinsel made of scraps of felted wool jumpers… I do love blogs and Pinterest for ideas. At the moment my 5 year old is convinced I should finish the wreath with felt flowers all round…  or is she just hoping to be allowed a go using the glue gun?!

Homemade christmas decorationsbut at the moment I am mass producing salt dough stars for a German Christmas Fair for children to decorate.. not sure why I volunteered for making 200?! I have made 75 but need a trip to buy some more flour.  Find salt dough recipes here.

Below are my daughters, she is planning on posting them to her aunts and uncles who live overseas. Acrylic paint was far more succesful than poster paint… and tinsel mixed into PVA a little cheaper than the glitter glue one can buy. I recommend being  sure that they have fully dried out before painting with acrylic. As acrylic is plastic based it seals any moisture in, the ones below are a little spongy to the touch!

After enjoying a lovely alternative to bag making I am itching to get back to it… have a stall at the German Christmas Fair this coming weekend:)

Happy making 🙂

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