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It’s spring, but not as we know it…


It’s been soooo cold this week. Over the course of the winter I have knitted an extremely unflattering hat, treated myself to a lovely new one from M& S and promptly lost it, bought gloves, and lost them.. (notice a theme anyone?) A brief attempt trying to source some gloves a couple of weeks ago was thwarted, with none in the shops.


Yesterday I had had enough with another cold week forecast….. I turned to the internet again. I decided there was little point finding a knitting pattern, as a) it just feels too difficult, and b) I would like them now!!

Let me introduce you to this wonderful free tutorial for recycled mittens, made of former jumpers. After a disagreement with the printer, I finally had a pattern:)


Whilst cutting them out, my husband suggested instead I wear gardening gloves on the school run tomorrow. He was endeavouring to look after me, and try and get me to go to bed at reasonable clock! Now don’t get me wrong I am not a upto-date with fashion, make-up on without fail Mum, far from it, but I draw the line at gardening gloves!

Recycled Mittens

Felted jumper mittens

The result does depend on the felted wool sweaters you have available!! I like the fact that the mittens incorporate three sweaters. If I made them again I would probably use a contrasting sweater for the cuffs..

Have a wander over to Wendy’s blog and see what everyone else has been doing this week.

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Scrap fabric flower tutorial

Scrap fabric flower tutorial

Fabric flower tutorial, use old fabric scraps and a washer to create a brooch

Last week I was sharing the inspiration my friends flower corsage provoked. She advised me it had been made on a course, and involved two washer taps and three metres of homemade fabric ribbon. Here’s my version of the scrap fabric flower tutorial.


This week I have visiting various DIY store to try and find large washer taps.. the result was one 1/2″ and one 1 1/4″ .

Fabric scraps

Three meters of fabric ribbon were created with a variety of strips of fabric, including transparent  sparkly fabrics. The pieces of fabric are cut to approx 1 cm wide (various lengths) and stitched together with a zigzag stitch. If you have crimping scissors you can add a texture to your strips by cutting with them.

Fabric ribbon

Wrap the washer

Wrap the homemade ribbon around the washer taps. Stitch through the layer in the middle.. Run small stitches round in a circle to ensure you capture each piece.. either by hand or with the sewing machine.

Upcycled flower tutorial

Cut round the edge of your circles through to the washer tap, and remove the washer.

Stitch the two pieces together and attach a suitable button for the middle of your beautiful flower.

Fabric scrap flower tutorial #DIY #TUtorial

I have added a brooch pin to a red fabric flower, and attached to the finished black cord jacket bag:) I appreciate the brooch is not to everyone’s taste as it will fray.. I think this is part of the beauty of it but it is not for neat freaks, no offence meant:)


Why not check out the other lovely makes on this weeks Handmade Harbour, or some of the other tutorials over at Craftori🙂


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Inspiration strikes


Unexpected pleasures design museum

Last week I have had a delightful couple of days with my mum who came to stay..

A trip to the local toddler group for some superb singing, followed by lunch out at one of my favourite cafes in Holt, plus just a little clothes shopping. I was very pleased to pick up a pair of trousers and top which make me look a couple of sizes smaller than I really am!! I am planning on upcycling my old jeans (too big) into some gorgeous baskets.

But my favourite day was a trip to London, for a girly day out. We visited The Design Museum to see the exhibition Unexpected Pleasures.

Unexpected Pleasures celebrates the work of contemporary jewellers who challenge the conventions of jewellery design. The exhibition features prominent UK and international jewellers who explore new processes and move away form financial value to personal association.

To be honest I had no idea of the range and number of contemporary jewellers, and found some of the pieces more a piece of fine art.

The pieces that interested me the most were of course the upcycled pieces. A necklace made of jagged glass bottle necks, a dress which had many circular holes, which had been stitched into a necklace to wear with the dress, a necklace made of many little action type men.

These images of the exhibition are poor quality but do give you a taste… I regret now not taking notes of who the artist was per piece.





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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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