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Makers Month


This week has been in the main household tasks, helping out at the children’s school and similar. I have made some progress with shibori stitching, follow me on instagram for snapshots of work in progress. But this coming week I am excited to be taking part in Makers Month.

This is a fabulous event being held in Norwich with many, many free activities.

I am representing the group Make & Create, along with some friends. Make & Create is a monthly craft group that I co-host, people bring their own projects, meeting in a bar once a month. We’ve had business cards printed for the group with a new design by Gin Fox, it is just perfect. It represents our group so well, do check out her Etsy shop here for great Valentines Cards.

So what are we doing? We are running a drop in t-shirt into necklaces workshop tomorrow. I am passionate about the cost of new resources to our fragile world. It takes a shocking 2700 liters of water to produce one t shirt. So if I have an opportunity to promote recycling, reusing I will.

Other things to do tomorrow are:
The Woven House (From Shirt to Yurt)
Game of Thrones Hardhome Embroidery (see here for more info)
Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers drop in crochet and knitting
The Big Draw
Craft Bank
Saori weaving pre-bookable workshops
The knitted Enchanted Wood and Garden
Capability Brown embroideries
The Cocoon free-form crochet installation

(see here for the online listings for the day)

Personally I am particularly interested in finding our more about Craft Bank – Paint it, print it and stitch it says Susan Rudling, who has set up Craft Bank in Norwich. Craft Bank is about promoting health and well-being through creativity. I’m looking forward to meting Susan to find out more about Craft Bank.

Be lovely to see some friendly faces tomorrow (it is rather short notice!)


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Learning to crochet, chunky stitch cowl

Learning to crochet, chunky stitch cowl

Last years New Years resolutions included learning to crochet. I have made limited progress, I am certain the key is to find projects I am inspired to make. A photograph on instagram for a free cowl crochet pattern had me itching to pick up a crochet hook and have a go. On Christmas day and boxing day, inbetween board games, I whipped up the scarf. It always amazes me how quick crochet is!

As it is an American pattern the yarn specified is not readily available in the UK. The yarn Deborah Norville Serentiy Chunky Tweed Yarn details – 100G, 100M. Suggested Crochet Hook Size Us L-8/8Mm Hook.

Using the weight and length of yarn specified (with the help of great shop assistants) I realised that the yarn used is mid way between a UK chunky and a super chunky.

I chose creative twist super chunky yarn from a local yarn shop Crafty Ewe. This has the weight of 100g and 75mm length. Being a little thicker than the original yarn I reduced the number of chain stitches by three to eighteen.

Since my impulse purchase I have learnt two things – there are lot of conversion charts available to help you work out the equivalent American yarn in the UK, and secondly Amazon and ebay sell the specified yarn…!!

This pattern is a quick win, a great basic crochet pattern with a delightful result.

I hope you have had a restful and joyful holiday season. This evening we will be welcoming the New Year, looking back on the many blessings of 2016 an looking forward to 2017.


This post contains affiliate links, this makes no difference to the price you pay but gives me a tiny commission supporting the running of the blog.

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Large Fabric Pom Pom – Upcycled Christmas Decoration

Large Fabric Pom Pom – Upcycled Christmas Decoration

I don’t know about you but this week is flying by, its almost Christmas. I love this season but I’m not so keen on the volume of items on my to-do-list! In our home our children have their birthday, one ten days before Christmas and one ten days after Christmas. Thankfully my gifts are made – I gave the infinity scarves away to my group of friends who I meet with for compline once a month. They loved them:)

If you are trimming up you may love this fabric pompom. Initially made as part of an application to Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas program, I wasn’t successful in my application for decorating a Christmas tree with recycled decorations but I enjoyed trying.

Who doesn’t love a pom pom?? They can have so many uses for the Christmas season – create a recycled pom pom garland to hang across the mantlepiece or use them as baubles on your tree.

This pom pom is made with former curtains, sheeting and fabric that’s been in my stash since art college days (rather embarrassing that I have fabric stashed for 20+ years!)

You will need:

either a pom pom maker orcardboardd

selection of fabric


To make:

Create strips of fabric approximately a centimeter wide. If you are fortunate your fabric will rip easily and quickly.


Randomly wrap different fabric around the side of the pom pom maker (follow the manufacturers instructions on the packet).



Once you have filled both sides of the pom pom find your sharpest scissors and patiently cut through the layers of fabric.


Tie the pom pom together creating a loop for hanging on our Christmas tree.

Large pompom created from fabric scraps

I think pom poms look truly awesome on the tree, and whats more they use lots of fabric long overdue an outing from the cupboard!

Have a very lovely Christmas, thank you for all the reads, shares and comments. I appreciate you accompanying me on my creative journey.


This post contains an affiliate link, this makes no difference to the price you pay but gives me a tiny commission supporting me in running the blog.

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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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