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Sorting your wardrobe out? Fresh Start? Recycle those shirts…


I thought I would share with you some ideas for those shirts you may be parting with…

My husband has had a great sort out, so I have lots of shirts for recycling:)

Recycled Shirts

Recycled Shirt Ideas:

I started with making some PE Kit Drawstring bags for restocking my Etsy shop. There are lots of tutorials available on the internet for making drawstring bags, but I did particularly like one which suggested strengthening the corners of the base of the bag. It’s worth reading a few as different tutorials give different perspectives:)

PE Kit Drawstring Bag

But I was then left with a sizeable pile of fabric, so I have had a go at making children’s party bags, with boys in mind…

Boys Party Bag

There are of course lots of other ideas available on the internet, here are some of my favourites:)

bottle holder recycled bag

Sadly my husband prefers short-sleeved shirts!!

Shirt I Pod Cover, or Purse: www.creativewithkids.com/recycled-shirts-into-purses/

Shirt I Pod Cover, or Purse: www.creativewithkids.com/recycled-shirts-into-purses/


Courtesy of Martha Stewart: www.marthastewart.com/271811/blue-shirt-pillow

Courtesy of Martha Stewart: www.marthastewart.com/271811/blue-shirt-pillow

Tutorial here: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2010/04/one-of-greatest-mens-shirt-makeovers.html

Tutorial here: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2010/04/one-of-greatest-mens-shirt-makeovers.html

To purchase a PE Kit bag, or children’s bag visit my Etsy Shop.

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Yet more homemade decorations….



I can’t help but write another quick blog re Christmas Decoration, which as you can see we have started putting up already.

P1010795The tree decorations were made using cookie cutters as templates… they come out each year. Sadly year by year I seem to loose more snowflakes (layers of paper and hand embroidered).P1010799

This year I have been inspired by to create a Christmas tree on the wall made of stars cut of a magazine, I personally love it:)


A little confession… the pictures are only of my personal style decorations. The rest of the house remains untidy – complete with tree lights strung across doorways for the children and paper glitter snowflakes to be made and hung (nowhere near as tasteful as they sound!). These will compliment those left from last year which remain up on my daughters insistence as they are “so beautiful”

If only we had a clean tidy clutter free house all year!! The felt wreath remains a work in progress.. can’t quite get a nail into the wall for hanging it up!! How are you trimming up, and what compromises are you making?!!

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Welcome to my blog, a showcase for Vicky Myers Creations. I will be sharing my creative journey, which currently focusses on creating bags out of up-cycled materials.

I have been making ever since I can remember!! I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I studied a HND in Craft, and since then have exhibited in Norfolk Open Studio’s.¬† I have become increasingly focussed on creating items which can be used in every day life, be it sock monkey’s and felt food for the children in my life or items for the adults in my life!! I have been given a gift of creativity and I feel it is important to appreciate and develop it:)

For me, respecting the environment is essential, so where possible to I upcycle, currently creating beautiful bags out of old clothes. In particular I am enjoying working with upcycled felted jumpers,¬† plus creating bags out of cord or velvet jackets…

I will be sharing tutorials along the way, along with images of new creations, I hope you will find it interesting.

I am hoping to be inspired, and to inspire. I hope you will be sharing your creative journey too:)


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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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