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The 100% wool upcycled tweed skirt… what can you make?


For a bit of fun I decided to see what I could make from the one of those pleated tweed tartan wool skirts, which I traditionally think of older ladies wearing… frustratingly I didn’t take a picture before I started!

Naturally I started with unpicking all the seams/darts at which point my daughter begged for me for a skirt in the style of the original skirt.. (I sewed back in the pleats!)


It’s not the most pratical skirt for a 5 year old as dry clean only, but I have a suspicion she won’t wear it often!

The remaining fabric was felted it in the washing machine (running through on the 90 degree cycle) to create a lovely soft fabric. With my slight current obsession with recycled bags I of course set too and made one:)

Upcycled tweed skirt

Upcycled tweed skirt

I was left with two odd shaped and small pieces of fabric. What next? A small make up bag, pin cushion, flower broach, decorated hair pin, book cover? In the end I decided on projects I have been meaning to make for a while..


The finish on this pincushion recycled jar is far from professional, good job I was not planning on adding them to my Etsy shop then!!


I am far happier with my E-Book cover 🙂


and lastly a flower corsage. What would you make??

I have shared this on Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour, why not check out the other lovely items people have added?

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Storage ideas for knitting needles, how do you store yours?


Whilst tidying my studio and making knitting needle rolls I have been contemplating various ways of storing my precious knitting needles.

Why not reuse an item from around your home?

Classic old jar

Classic old jar

Felted needle roll (Courtesy of Pinterest and

Felted needle roll (Courtesy of Pinterest and

Shelf drilled with suitable sized holes

Shelf drilled with suitable sized holes

Love this idea, must get saving the old corks!

Love this idea, must get saving the old corks!

Knitting needle storage

Clogs, if only I had some!

Although I have to admit to craving  a beautiful upcycle wine crate:

Upcycled wine crates from

Upcycled wine crates from

How do you store your knitting needles? Check out my knitting needles case tutorial here.

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Knitting Needle Case Tutorial

Knitting Needle Case Tutorial

This knitting needle case tutorial uses one long piece of fabric, which is folded to create roll with a pocket for the knitting needles. It uses two contrasting fabrics for decoration and the smaller pocket for round knitting needles, cable needles and crochet hooks.

The finished knitting needle organizer case measures 18 by 12″, with 9″ deep pockets to hold the knitting needles in, and a 6″ deep pocket for smaller items.

You will need:

Base fabric 14″ by 98″

First Contrasting fabric:

10″ by 14 one piece – crochet pocket

2 by 14″ one piece

Second contrasting fabric:

2 by 14″ one piece

7″ by 14 ” one piece

To make:

Fold the bottom of the base fabric in by 9 1/2″. Press.


  •  Iron over a double fold along the long length of the 2 by 14″ second contrasting fabric. Iron over 1/4″ along the opposite edge.
  • Place the raw edge of the main fabric in between the double fold.
  • Sew this strip onto the pocket.


  • Mark the vertical stitching lines, using a quilters ruler and fabric marker, I make mine 1.5” apart which allows room for about 3 pairs of knitting needles.
  • Stitch along the vertical lines to create the pockets for the knitting needles.
  • Double fold and press the long length of the top of the crochet pocket out of the first contrasting fabric,  for the crochet hooks, cable needles etc.
  • Stitch this fold.


  • Place this piece of fabric onto the inside of the bag and pin in place.
  • Follow the stitching lines from the knitting pocket down, skipping the first and third stitch line to create two pockets double width to allow for circular knitting needles.
  • I use pins to follow this down, but you could turn the fabric over and sew on the reverse to follow the stitch line exactly, or use ruler and fabric marker. That’s the inside of your bag finished 🙂

I like to decorate the outside of the bag with the two remaining strips of contrasting fabric.

  • Press and fold in 1/4 along the long edges. To try and ensure the best straight parallel lines use the fabric pattern as a guide plus a rule. Alternatively use stiff card to fold the fabric over and press to get a good straight fold.


  • Place these on and stitch in place.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon 65cm for tying round your rolled knitting needle case, fold in one third/two thirds.
  • Tack in place so it doesn’t slip.
  • Fold the roll right sides together and pin in place.
  • Stitch down the two long sides of the bag.



  • Turn the bag the right side out and press.
  • Finally fold over the final seam at the bottom. A double fold with fabric from the front of the bag makes a good finish to the inside bottom of the bag.



Excellent, one finished bag, all within an hour:)

If having read all the instruction you would rather buy one please check out my Etsy shop🙂


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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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