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DIY house doorstop tutorial

DIY house doorstop tutorial

I love sewing for friends and family, when it involves creativity (shortening trousers is not quite so interesting!). A recent whats app conversation with my sister – in -law led to the plan to sew her a door stop. The family live in Amsterdam, in a property they purchased in 2016. I am yet to visit (but its booked, yeah) I thought it would be fun to make the doorstop to represent their property. My Mum kindly supplied me with a photograph so the doorstop design could be a surprise.

This is the property.. not quite a super tall lovely pastel coloured property I was imagining. A little artistic license led to me omitting the balcony’s.

If you would like to make your own doorstop you will need:

Two main panels 10 by 8″
Two side panels 10 by 5 1/2″
Roof 8 by 5 1/2″
Two pieces 8 by 3″
Zip 8″ long
Handle 8 by 6″
Fabric scraps for windows and doors

Strong interfacing or Annies Soft and Stable (you will notice all my photographs do not have this, I realised at the end it was needed!)

Apply interfacing or Annies Soft and stable to sides, front and back panel’s and roof. Start by sewing the side panels to the front panel. This is to enable you to pattern match if required.

Fold the handle in half lengthways, right sides together, and press. Stitch along the length to create a tube.

Turn right sides out, press then top stitch along both long edges. Place along the middle of the roof and baste into place at each end.

Lets sew the zip in next. Turn an press 1/4 along the long edge for both pieces. Place along the zip and pin in place. Stitch to secure.

Now for the fun part – personalising your doorstop. I have worked from the photograph taking measurements to ensure the proportions of the windows and door are in roughly correct.

The door measures 2 3/4 by 2″, with the window highlight above the door measuring 3/4″ by 2″.

The large windows are 2″ square and the small windows 1 1/2″ square.

Use bondaweb to adhere the window and door pieces to the front panel. Having a pattern on the base fabric helped me keep the pieces straight when positioning.

Place ribbon to represent the door frames. I suggest using a glue stick to hold the ribbon in place allowing you to neatly top stitch to secure.

Lastly sew the doorstop together. Place right sides together, sewing in the roof, adding the back panel and then finally the base. As you sew in the base ensure the zip is partially undone so you can turn right sides out.

Fill with lentils or rice – it will take quite a few!!


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Sewing your way to organization

Sewing your way to organization

The holiday season is over, the weekend was lovely. We stretched the season out with a trip to the pantomime plus my daughters birthday celebrations. But its time to get the house straight. I don’t know about you but I have an urge to clean and tidy the house – to get organized. Is it something about January? The excess of Christmas?

Here are some great items to sew, to add a touch of organization to your home – anything to make organization more appealing (I’m inherently untidy!)

Cable roll – tidy up all your loose cables with this handy cable organizer. Find the tutorial here.

Knitting needle case – tidy up your knitting needle cases with this handy knitting needle case, perfect for your crochet hooks too. Find the instructions here.

Bunk bed bag – do your children have bunk beds? Organise them with bunk bed organizer. Several pockets for torch, drinks bottle, book, or tablet. The tutorial can be found here.


DIY Childrens Book case – not quite sewing but it does involve fabric…! I love this idea from Get Your Crap Together

Fabric baskets – these are just beautiful from Tea and a Sewing Machine

And of course I just have to include a upcycled denim project – I love this Denim Pocket Wall Organiser from Pillar Box Blue, a new to me blog. Do check it out, its so inspiring.

Do you have a favourite fabric based organisational tool??


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Learn to love your serger / overlocker


Do you own a serger/overlocker that just sits in a box? I have to admit I can have a love/hate relationship with mine. It intimidates me, I hate not knowing how to adjust the tension or how do to deal with common problems. When it works it’s fab, so fast!! And fabulous for sewing stretchy fabric.

I have a basic model from Lidl which works well with thin to medium weight fabrics. I have to confess that if a project requires changing the thread I will use my normal machine instead!!

So when I saw Serger Peppers new Skillshare class: “Learn to love your serger, 1 project at a time (#1: the Scrappy Neck Warmer).” for free I leapt at it.

The course is aimed at those who are new to overlockers. Irene talks you through each part of the overlocker, covers threading the machine with some helpful tips. I love how she covers learning to thread it from scratch first and then moves into a cheat method!!

The course includes a scarf project. Here’s mine in progress. I have a large box of woolen jumpers bought/donated a few years ago just waiting for the right project. This is it!

I love my new scarf made of 100% woolen jumpers. I sewed up the side to make it into an infinity scarf.

They are so quick to make that I have whipped up a few:) I’m undecided between giving them away or selling them…

This one I’m keeping for me:)

If you have an overlocker sat in a box I recommend this course. Make friends with your overlocker! Plus if you use this referral link  for the course you will get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.


Ps I have put in a request for a course covering tension and how to fix it:)!

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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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